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Expert service from people who care.

Who We Are

We are a neighborhood pharmacy serving communities in all five boroughs of New York City and the surrounding counties. Uptown Care Pharmacy provides pharmaceutical products and services to every age group—infants, children, adults, and seniors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide extraordinary customer service and go that extra step for you.

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Our Story

Uptown Care Pharmacy is owned and operated by two sisters who are both pharmacists with advanced doctorate degrees. Prior to starting our own business, we came across many people who were not using their medications as prescribed or did not understand the instructions fully. When taken correctly, medications are more effective and there is less chance of side effects.

Many pharmacies rely on the standardized printed material given with prescriptions to meet the legal counseling requirement. Here, we saw an opportunity to provide a vital service that was lacking.

  • Our approach is different. We give personalized care to each customer.
  • Our pharmacists are never too busy to discuss your medications or show you how to use them.
  • Properly educating clients is the key to our success.

Bios of Owners

Dr. Miriam Ilyaich specializes in Pediatrics while Dr. Luba Ilyaich is Board Certified in Geriatrics.

Dr. Luba has been a pharmacist since 1995 and has experience working in retail pharmacies and major hospitals. In the hospitals, Dr. Luba advised physicians on the best options for patients in cases where there were multiple similar treatments available. She has taught medical residents, nursing students, and future pharmacists. She is currently a preceptor for pharmacy students at Touro College of Pharmacy. Most recently, Dr. Luba worked as a visiting home pharmacist and a nursing home consultant.

Dr. Miriam followed in her sister’s footsteps and graduated with honors from St. John’s University in 2009. Dr. Miriam specializes in pediatrics and can customize medications in dosage forms and flavors that are child and pet friendly.

Her friendly demeanor and welcoming smile always keep customers coming back. Because of her extensive retail experience, Dr. Miriam Ilyaich is the supervising pharmacist who runs the store.

The two sisters loved their individual careers but felt that with the major pharmacy chains operating their giant superstores, the personalized service and medication counseling services are just not there. This is when the idea of Uptown Care Pharmacy and our upscale service was born. Between their two very different skill sets, the two sisters embarked on a mission to create a community pharmacy that prides itself on service excellence.

Dr. Luba IlyaichDr. Miriam Ilyaich